Jeeters XL- Mai Tai – Sativa




In each jar, you’ll find a hand crafted, hand rolled 2-gram Jeeter joint made with a glass tip to ensure a smooth drag each time. They’re made with premium indoor grown flower, infused with Liquid Diamonds in California and Michigan or distillate oil in Arizona, and dusted in kief. 25-minute burn time.

Mai Tai is a tropical sativa strain that likely gets its sweet and tangy terpene profile from crossing Maui Waui with Tutti Frutti. Popping open a jar of Mai Tai, you’ll be greeted with notes of citrus and berries combined with undertones of fresh, damp earth and tropical flowers similar to what the cocktail offers. The taste is similar to the exhale, as its flavor aligns even more like the fruity cocktail it’s named after. Mai Tai is the perfect strain for a lazy afternoon spent with family and friends. It leaves you feeling euphoric, relaxed, lifted and social. This strain may help relieve chronic pain, depression, inflammation and stress.


Each one of our joints is hand-rolled by a real person in one of our facilities. No robots here! We put extra love and care in each pre-roll to ensure they’re rolled to perfection and provide you with an exceptional smoke every time.


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